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Why should I rent an apartment in Yaounde during the holiday season?

Rent an apartment in Yaounde during the holidays of the year (Christmas Day, New Year's Day ...) there is an activity that interests you? it is difficult to say whether or not it is a good idea to do so since the end of the year, the city of Yaounde is booming. In the capital, the population is more accustomed to living at the rate for the month, and it is quite normal because the city is mostly populated by public servants who receive a regular monthly salary. At year end, workers like to go out of their savings to purchase toys for their children, they also like to have fun because through the year is always a joyous event for Cameroon, so at this specific period of year was the beer flows freely and all circuits and shops that run a lot more than usual, all because people are liquid.

On tourists who come to Cameroon when they arrive in Yaounde to rent an apartment, house, villa or a duplex whatsoever, so it was in this atmosphere of joy they find Yaounde. This may facilitate their contact with local people, in general people are very open during the month of December, which also pushes them to more easily accommodate all kinds of foreigners who come for a pleasant stay. In this context, we can say that the month of December was particularly busy and nobody can get bored if he is a fan out of all kinds. However, what may be bad when you arrive in Cameroon during this period is that we find people who are on the lookout for a few Euros to scratch, which means that if you are an individual liquid and people know that you are, you are very likely to get ripped off or at least you'll certainly many riders around you.

Renting a home during the holidays of the year in Yaounde is a very good option since it is a period of total entertainment, but also a time when we did overcharge by people from the local population and not only. Now it's up to you.