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House rental in Yaounde - inventory

Yaoundé was originally built by French colonists in the years of colonialism, the early houses observed in the Lake District are all very nice and small houses with very large yard and a large garden for most people . Each of these houses were separated by a low fence height allowed to see what happens in the homes of others. Today the buildings are much more modern, is observed in all districts of Yaounde building materials with high quality and most houses are barricaded inside a fence and gate sometimes imposing. Of all the ways we do not feel homesick at all when you come from a big city in this world to live in Yaounde.

In most cases, when you live in a house in Yaounde, you can only feel peace, calm, tranquility, at least compared to cities like Douala. Because Yaoundé is a city where the climate is very pleasant: it is neither too hot nor too cold. Then the inhabitants of this town are pretty courteous. Call us to book your accommodation now!